It was at the end of the 19th century, in the heart of the Jura mountains that Cébé was born. Established by Jean-Louis Crestin-Billet in Morez, the cradle of French glasses making, the brand with its "hardened" temperament was a pioneer in the manufacture of sports glasses. From the very beginning the brand was worn by many climbers on expedition, and in partnership with them Cébé created products specifically adapted to the most extreme weather conditions! Some of the most famous names have forever left their imprint on the history of the brand, Walter Cecchinel, for example, who was behind the legendary range of glacier glasses of the same name, or Carl Benz, the founder of Mercedes Benz, who ordered made to measure driving glasses from Cébé, for both himself and his dog, at a time when the windscreen had not yet been invented!







Cycling helmets

Cébé cyklo

Ski helmets

Cébé prilby

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Ski goggles

Cébé goggle

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Cébé slnečné okuliare

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