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Glasses that highlight your unique identity.

3 generations of GIGI Studios experience and progress

The current strength of the GIGI Studios brand is built on the foundations of the GIGI Barcelona company, which was founded in 1962 by the grandfather of the current CEO, Patricia Ramo. The dynamically growing company changed its name in 2019 to better distinguish itself from other brands which like Gigi, had the city of Barcelona in their name.

GIGI Studios is a company originating from Barcelona and is proud of its roots. However, the director of the company feels that it was more appropriate to change the current name for their further international development. Currently, GIGI Studios sunglasses and prescription eyeglass frames are well known and available in up to 50 countries around the world. This expansion speaks volumes for their successful business and the interest of customers around the world. It is evident that the company emphasizes quality, design and innovation in this area.

A unique identity

The result of unending research and improvement of materials, unique shapes and colors, high-quality and functional designs that aim to express the uniqueness of each individual.

A combination of traditions and modern trends

The constant search for innovation, visionary use of materials and years of experience in eyewear design are the defining elements of GIGI Studios collections.

GIGI Studios designs sunglasses and eyeglass frames in every style, from subtle to bold, and always following the latest fashion trends. The unique, dynamic aesthetics of the brand are reflected in various product lines, in which people with different face types and different lifestyles can find their unique choice. GIGI Studios currently offers a catalog of versatile models in five main collections: Vanguard, Icons, Men, Lab and XS.


A collection full of contrasts that reflects our most creative view of fashion.

Distinctive shapes defined by the latest fashion trends, handcrafted design using high-end yet delicate materials such as Italian natural acetate (Mazzucchelli) and German stainless steel. The Vanguard collection includes a wide selection of sunglasses as well as prescription frames.


Contemporary design for every face type.

Although several of the GIGI Studios models are gender neutral, in their current lineup you will also find a collection intended primarily for men. A collection that is flexible and light, but at the same time strong and durable. The models of the MEN collection, like the VANGUARD collection, are made of high-quality and delicate materials, such as natural acetate and stainless steel.


The experience of three generations combining tradition and innovation.

The Icons collection is a tribute to classic designs that have survived the passage of time and are in demand again today.

Unisex models that stand out with their unique details. Comfortable and durable frames are made of the highest quality, yet delicate, materials.


Lightweight designs inspired by technology

GIGI Studios LAB is the result of experimentation with new materials and technological progress. The delicacy of the patterns and their extreme lightness define this collection inspired by technology and fashion.

The unisex models of the LAB collection's eyeglass frames are made of ultra-light materials, Japanese titanium and beta-titanium, which are elegantly complemented by Italian acetate.


Sophistication, style and bold attitude for petite faces.

A celebration of female expression in all its forms. Stylish glasses in smaller dimensions, which are designed especially for small faces. The essence of GIGI Studios in its most condensed sense.

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